Movin’ out (Chris’ song)

Cristóbal is finally a homeowner!

Let me start with a disclaimer: I truly love and appreciate my host family and all the things they did for me while I was living in their home. Now having said that, it’s impossible for me to clearly articulate to you exactly how much more awesome having my own space has made my life.

1 bedroom, 0 bathroom palace

1 bedroom, 0 bathroom palace

We finally finished the house a little over a month ago, three months behind schedule and $200 over budget. A truly Panamanian project indeed. Before I had moved out of my host family’s house my host mom had expressed concerns about my ability to cook for myself. I did not calm her worries by becoming violently ill the first time I tried cooking beef. After my blowouts became casual conversation amongst my community members, my host mom told me that I could and should eat any meal I wanted I their house. They also told me that I would never have to buy any rice or plantains for the rest of my service, que bueno! Poco a poco my cooking has improved and the blowouts have ceased, I’m happy to report.

The best thing about having a home to my own is being able to try whatever little projects I feel like. A few weeks back I finished an earthen oven and just a few days ago I baked my first loaf of bread.  Now when people pasear to my house instead of asking when I’m going to find a women to cook and clean for me, they ask when I’m going to start selling my bread and then when I’m going to find a women.

el pan

el pan




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Leanne on February 9, 2013 at 9:12 am

    Cool pad man! And that’s a lovely loaf of bread too! Enjoy you’re swingin’ bachelor digs Cristobal.


  2. Posted by Romaine on February 9, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Hi Hun, place looks very cool and I mean that becasue I don’t see any walls??? Your cats must wonder free… The yard could use some cleaing? just a thought, next time you have some time on your hands! 🙂
    Bread looks awesome, I would eat it. We will send some more spices your way!
    Take care hun, Love you!


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